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The FAST Program was founded at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. It was established to help address some of the challenges that families face in our unique school environment and provides support to students and their families who are experiencing unique challenges such as homelessness & illness. We also recognized that some families faced other types of challenges where extra support would make an impact. Some of the additional challenges include student workflows & the organization of their day-to-day school tasks. Our Program provides support to current students through Student Support Requests and we also support incoming students through Strong Start to ensure students receive the skills necessary to ensure a positive outcome in our school.

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the compass PHiLOSOPHY

We believe every student and family is unique. This means not only should the instruction be unique, but so should our support systems. All students and families deserve to have a support system in school that helps them strive for excellence while developing the tools and skills to achieve their goals. Our Compass Program prides itself on this philosophy, and the core belief of individualized support based on the unique needs of every family and student.


Our program meets families where they are now. We then work with school staff, the Learning Coach, and students to holistically build the skills needed to move forward and support the students' journey through our school.


The Compass Program prides itself on its philosophy and the core belief that individualized support based on the unique needs of each family and student is important. For that reason, the Compass Program focuses on families in general and their needs.


For the student to have a great experience, we are focused on working together. The Compass Team, Teachers, and Learning Coaches all create a support system that will help the student develop positive and necessary habits to move forward.

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