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The Compass program is designed for students who need help acclimating to school. Our team focuses on working with students and families who are struggling so they can succeed academically.

What the compass program offers...

Strong Start PROGRAM

At the start of fall and spring semesters, Compass provides Onboarding support and orientations for all new families to help them prepare to transition to our school. During this period we offer live Q & A and orientation sessions, one-on-one support, and guidance to new and returning families so they can start the year strong!

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Student Support: Identification& Placement

Sometimes students need a helping hand!  Compass tracks student attendance and engagement throughout the year to identify which students might benefit from extra help.


Teachers can also let Compass know when a student could benefit from some extra coaching support.


Students identified for extra support are placed with a caring Compass staff member based on the student's specific needs or challenges.

Student support Classes

Students identified for extra support will participate in weekly Compass Class sessions for 10 weeks.  They will work with their Compass Coach and peers to build school skills to help them achieve their goals, both in and out of school.  

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The Compass

Support System

Students identified for Compass Support will be assigned to either a small group class or 1:1 support, depending on their specific needs.  Compass is designed to be a short-term support of just 10 weeks.  Our goal is to help students develop skills that will support continued success after exiting Compass.  

Here's what you can expect!

For Students

  • One required Compass class or conference each week, held online in Newrow.

  • Students will also be invited to at least one weekly optional Compass session.  Optional sessions focus on peer-to-peer connections, group study time, and fun!

For Parents

  • Weekly Parent Newsletters to keep you up-to-date on the skills your student is learning in their Compass class that week, and to help you build your own LC skills!

  • E-mail and/or phone messages with helpful reminders and check-ins if there are any concerns. 


Social-Emotional Learning

Students, staff, and families are provided with opportunities for social-emotional development and learning. We focus on developing relationships and fostering resiliency..

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