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The Compass program is designed for students who need help acclimating to school. Our team focuses on working with students and families who are struggling so they can succeed academically.

What the compass program offers...

Strong Start PROGRAM

During the open enrollment periods for the fall and spring periods Compass offers Strong Start program support to all new & returning families to help them prepare for the school year. During this period we offer orientation sessions, one-on-one support, and guidance to our new families so they can start the year strong and answer any outstanding questions!

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Request FOR Student Support

Request submissions will be sent from the teacher to the Compass team when they feel that a student or family can benefit from additional help and support for engagement. When a request is submitted, it will be assigned to a Compass team staff member. Depending on the case, placement will be based on the needs of the student and their family. 

*There are specific requirements that families need to meet while working with the Compass team. Contact the Compass Administration Team for any questions.

Student support plans and conferences with the
Compass team

Student support plans and weekly class connects are necessary for families receiving one-on-one support from a Compass team support guide.

Online Discussion

The Compass

Support System

When we receive a recommendation from the teacher, a Compass Engagement Coach will get in contact with the teacher and LC and place the student at the appropriate level of support according to their weekly progress and level of engagement. 

This support system will give school staff an opportunity to increase or decrease your student's support depending on the weekly progress and commitment your student demonstrates in their sessions and online work.

For Students

  • Weekly Online Conferences (Class Connects)

  • Weekly support plans that are aimed at allowing your student to focus on their tasks as well as training on how to stay organized/focused.

For Parents

  • Phone/Web Conferences with the Learning Coach

  • E-mail or phone messages


Social-Emotional Learning

Students, staff, and families are provided with opportunities for social-emotional development and learning. We focus on developing relationships and fostering resiliency..

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