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What is Strong Start?

The Compass Team partners with other school staff to take a wrap-around approach for welcoming new students during the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. As a school, we know how important it is to have a strong start to the school year and semester.

What is the Strong Start process?

After your enrollment is approved, a few weeks before you begin school you'll be assigned to work with one of the Compass Team members.  Your Compass coach will work with your family to help you become more accustomed to our unique schooling environment.  You'll be asked to come to Orientation sessions and offered individualized support sessions as needed. Your coach will check in with you through phone, text message, and email.

How long can a family stay in Strong Start?

Every family and student is unique. All families will stay in Strong Start for at least one week past their school start date. Some families, if they need more support, can stay in Strong Start for up to 4 additional weeks as needed.

What type of orientations should I expect to attend?

There are several different orientation and support sessions to help our families engage with our school. Below is a list of some of the main sessions we offer:

  • All About Attendance: Hosted by our Compliance Liaisons, this session dives into how attendance works in our unique school environment.  This is a must-attend session if you are a new or returning family.

  • Learning Coach Orientation: The LC Orientation gives Learning Coaches, parents, and guardians a chance to understand their role in their student's education and see how our school works.  

  • Student Orientation: There are different student orientations for our Elementary, Middle School, and High School students.  These sessions give students an overview of how to navigate the online school and a chance to practice using the online classroom platform.  

  • Orientation Open House: Each week during onboarding your assigned Compass Coach will have Open House sessions where you can pop in, ask questions, and review any orientations you may have missed!

  • Help Desk: The onboarding Help Desk will be held all year long by the Compass Onboarding Specialist.  Come by to ask questions about navigating the online school, tips for getting started, or general help.  

  • School Adventure Sessions: If you didn't make it to orientation within the first two days of school, you'll see a School Adventure session on your student's schedule.  This streamlined orientation gives your student the knowledge they need to succeed in our schools.  School Adventure sessions 

I can't make it to the live orientations I was invited to.  Are there recordings of the sessions?

Absolutely!  We know how busy life can be. While we encourage our families to attend live sessions whenever possible, and we do our best to accommodate the schedules of our families - we know it's not always possible to attend a live session.

Click the link below to head over to the LC University Page to watch recordings of our different sessions!  Don't forget to fill out the survey for each session you attend so we can mark your attendance for watching the recording! 

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