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Working from Home

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Engaging families and students is our number one goal here at Compass. We believe that learning outcomes are strongly associated with family involvement, but

in order to ensure that our students succeed on our online platform, the unification of the Teacher, the Student, the Compass Team and the Learning Coach is imperative. 

This information page was created to answer specific questions that Teachers may have and include resources that will help us achieve at our common goal

Getting our students to succeed academically in the virtual world.


recognizing needs

Sometimes students may be referred to Compass when they are extremely behind in both work and attendance. So here are some answers to some questions you may have...

When should a Teacher refer a student to Compass?


After they have understood what is the underlying problem. Your first step before submitting a request to Compass is to talk to the LC and the student to see what is causing the delay.

From the LC's Point of View:

Understanding why the student is behind is one of the first things that need to be discussed with the LC first. 

What major event caused the child to be behind? Why is they child behind? What changed? Did they move? Was there a death in the family? Is the child ill? Do they have a developing learning disability?

From the Student's Point of View:

If the students' work has decreased significantly it would also be a good idea to discuss the situation with the student (depending on their age). Kiddos can be very sincere as to what's going on. Sometimes it can be as easy as the student being too tired for school or hungry.


Try to determine the needs of the student. If their needs are due to a learning disability they must be referred to the appropriate department NOT to Compass.




Only if the students needs are determined to be for additional academic or engagement support.

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